"IT is a tool not an adventure. You focus on what you do best and We build it, keep it running and grow it as you grow."

Finite Technologies Incorporated (FTI)

Since 1996 FTI has been providing comprehensive technology solutions to a global client base.  Our clients include banks, insurance companies, health care, law enforcement, international corporations and small businesses.

  • iBeXc

    Based on our IBeX VoIP switch iBeXc is a cloud based VoIP business phone system.  It is currently only offer in the State of Alaska.

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  • Managed Service Provider

    If you have your own IT department that needs additional support and specialties or you outsource all of your IT.  Managed Services are part of the modern IT environment.

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  • Network Engineering & Security

    With experiencing dating back to ARPANet, many members of our team have seen a little bit of everything.  Alaska is our home and few organizations know more about remote communications and extreme environments that we do.

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  • IBeX

    A state of the art, highly redundant VoIP switch.  While focused on large carrier solutions we have systems sized to fit most organizations.

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

FTI helps your business stay safe, productive and profitable through the use of smart technologies and a highly experienced team.  For more than 30 years FTI has been providing innovative solutions to companies of all sizes.  From design to management and security FTI brings a combination of experience and critical industry partners to meet the challenges of keeping your team productive and competitive.

Network Engineering

Solutions That Work

Networks work because they are properly designed and deployed not because a vendors sales person said they would. One of our long time clients once said “Everything you build for us just works”.  That is the highest compliment we can think of and what we strive for in every system we design and deploy.


Sophos Partner

FTI is a Sophos partner and provides integrated security solutions based on Sophos Suite of tools.  From Edge to WiFi and endpoint solutions FTI brings a fully Sophos certified team backed by Sophos professional services to provide you with a robust security solution.

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