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🚀 About Us

Founded in 1990 by the visionary Scott Henderson, Finite Technologies Incorporated (FTI) began its journey as a pioneer in engineering software applications. Our passion for innovation has fueled our growth, enabling us to venture beyond our core into various sectors of the tech industry. Through strategic diversification and development, FTI has become synonymous with excellence and adaptability across the technological landscape.

🌟 What We Do

Our spotlight shines on the IBeX VoIP telecommunications platform and our Managed Service Provider (MSP) group. Launched in 2003, IBeX has evolved into a cornerstone of reliability and efficiency for companies and service providers worldwide, exemplifying our commitment to creating solutions that stand the test of time.

📈 Our Journey Through Innovation

  • Finite Technology Service Corporation (FTSC): Pioneered as the go-to internet service provider for Alaska, FTSC set the standard for corporate and VPN solutions, eventually becoming a part of TelAlaska Inc.
  • ResponseNet Ltd.: A testament to our innovative response to crisis management needs, offering specialized web content solutions. Although the market evolved, our legacy with clients like British Petroleum in Alaska speaks volumes.
  • MacroPhage Ltd.: In the cutting-edge field of medical information management, FTI’s investment and development efforts have paved the way for transformative collaboration software systems.
  • VirtualE.cc: Our foray into external engineering solutions for technology, networks, and security, now integrated into our comprehensive Managed Service Provider group.
  • ChillyWall: A pioneering solution in network security appliances, setting the stage for the development of advanced security platforms.

🚀 The Next Chapter

2004 marked a pivotal year as we introduced the IBeX OS, laying the foundation for the IBeX Telecom switches and the cloud-based IBeXc VoIP platform. This leap forward not only enhanced hosted telecommunications services but also elevated our development and testing processes, ensuring our solutions are battle-tested in large enterprise VoIP systems.

🌐 Join Us on Our Journey

At FTI, we’re not just building technology; we’re crafting the future. With a legacy of innovation and a focus on the cutting-edge IBeX platform, we invite you to explore how our solutions can propel your business forward. Let’s innovate together!

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