About Finite Technologies Incorporated

Finite Technologies Incorporated (FTI) was founded in 1990 by Scott Henderson as a software company that produced engineering software applications. While software applications have always formed the core of the company, FTI has built and in some cases sold off a number of subsidiary/divisions through the years. This diversification has provided us with a wealth of experience across a large portion of the technology industry.

Today FTI’s focus is on its IBeX VoIP telecommunications platform and Manage Service Provider group. With development starting in 2003, IBeX has become a mature and stable platform that companies and service providers now depend on.

The following is a history of our divisions and major development projects through the years.

Finite Technology Service Corporation (FTSC) – An Internet company providing dial-up and leased line access to the state of Alaska. Specializing in corporate and VPN solution FTSC grow to be the largest provider of business Internet services in Alaska at the time it was sold to TelAlaska Inc. FTSC is now a wholly owned subsidiary of TelAlaska Inc.

ResponseNet Ltd. – Providing a specialized web content solution for crisis management. This company provided a combination of software and services to handle large corporate crisis management. Clients for this system included British Petroleum for their Alaska oil spill response. ResponseNet was shutdown in 2001 in response to changes in technology and the market.

MacroPhage Ltd. – Medical information management and collaboration software system. FTI is one of the primary investors in this company and FTI’s development team is the system designer and developer for the mPhi system.

VirtualE.cc – After years of becoming involved in technology projects FTI decided to define the VirtualE engineering group as a separate part of the company. This group provided external engineering for technology, networks and network security. The VirtualE group has been merged back into the Finite organization and is now our current Managed Service Provider group.

ChillyWall – The ChillyWall is an appliance developed by our engineering group and provided an appliance solution for the early generations of Astaro Security Linux. ChillyWall is no longer produced, but was the for runner of the the first generation of Astaro Security Linux applainces.

2004 began our latest shift in development. We created the IBeX OS the core of our IBeX Telecom switches. As part of this project we have also launched the IBeXc Cloud based VoIP platform. IBeXc takes advantage or our IBeX switches and not only provides an unparalleled hosted Telecommunications service it has also taken our development and testing to a new level as we experience first hand the issues that come with running a very large enterprise VoIP system.