In 2004 FTI undertook the development of a new VoIP telephone system. Named IBeX (Internet Branch eXchange) it was targeted at a replacement for the traditional PBX. Originally based heavily on the Asterisk 1.x code, FTI combined Asterisk with a custom Linux distribution to create what we now call the IBeX Operating System (IBeXOS). Integrated with specific hardware solutions IBeX became the VoIP switch of choice for many of the new VoIP providers.

IBeX’s original release was for telecom providers, not the PBX market. This was not the original plan when the system was conceptualized, but our reputation of providing high quality products for the telecommunications market combined with the rise of VoIP, put IBeX in the carrier market and not the PBX market for a number of years.

In 2008 we launched IBeX as a true phone system with hardware solutions for all business sizes.

Today IBeX retains Asterisk as the core switching module, but has grown the system over time leveraging our experience and a growing code base to provide a highly scalable and robust VoIP operating system for our phone system and switch appliances.

You can read about IBeX here…