IBeXc - Cloud Based PBX & SIP Trunking Solutions

PBX in the Cloud, we call it IBeXc. Based on our IBeX platform, IBeXc offers a complete PBX solution in the cloud. IBeXc is a flexible, scalable solution for your business communications. Regardless of the company size, IBeXc offers enterprise features for one phone or thousands of phones.

What is a cloud based PBX? It is a complete replacement for the tradtional phone system. The only thing you own are inexpensive IP based phones that connect to our Cloud base service. There are no maintenance contacts, expensive lines from your local phone company, add-on modules if you want a new feature, limits to the number of lines etc.

A Cloud based phone system is more reliable than traditional phones systems as well. With a traditional phone system you have lines from your local telephone compamy and on-premise equipment that has to be maintained. With Clould based telephone service this is all part of your service. If your internet connection is unavailable, IBeXc still answers your calls and, at a minimum, will take voice mail. Options are also available to reroute to cell phones or an answering service. IBeXc is located in advanced data centers offering 99.997% availability in most markets.

IBeXc is extremely easy to install and setup. Your small business new phone system can be up and running in under an hour. Additional phones and features can be added at any time in just minutes.

IBeXc is different from other hosted VoIP solutions because it is targeted at specific markets. This means that you can keep your local phone number so there is no change in your business communications. IBeXc is not available in all markets so please contact our sales team for more information.

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