Why Choose Finite Technologies Over an Internal IT Department

Why choose Finite Technologies (FTI) as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) over an internal IT department or person, we provide a number of advantages over an internal IT department.

  1. Cost Savings: FTI MSP services are more cost-effective than building and maintaining an in-house IT team, especially for small to medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to hire full-time IT staff and all of the support technology necessary to operate and IT infrastructure.
  2. Expertise & Specialization: FTI has a team of experts who specialize in different areas of technology, providing a wider range of expertise and skills than an in-house IT department. FTI invests in the latest tools and technologies to provide advance management services to our clients. We provide our clients the advantages of these technologies without the need for large upfront investments for the management platforms required to provide an advanced management environment.
  3. Scalability: FTI can scale services up or down as needed, providing support during peak periods or reducing services during slow periods.  Our clients range from single person offices to medium and large enterprises.
  4. Growth Management: As your organization grows your IT support will grow with you. You worry about what you do best and FTI worries about keeping your IT systems working and growing.
  5. Proactive Engagement & Support: Finite Technologies uses sophisticated monitoring and management tools to identify and resolve potential issues before they become major problems.  We use a proactive management philosophy to stay ahead of issues that will impact your productivity.
  6. Improved Security: FTI uses a combination of Sophos security tools and software combined with advanced forward-looking management, documentation and customer experience management tools from Kaseya. These tools combine with an experienced team provide a combination of security tools, resources and expertise to provide a high level of security and protection for their clients’ technology systems, helping to reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.
  7. 7×24 Hour Support:  FTI’s team provides level 1 support 24 hours a days and maintains level 2 and 3 support on call.

FTI MSP services provides businesses with access to a wide range of expertise, the latest technology, cost savings, and advanced security.  This combination of services could only be provided internally through a large diverse IT staff.  The advantage to any business is being able to scale state of the art technology and experienced IT staff to the needs of just about any size organization.

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